Chapter 89

Surah Al Fajr (The Dawn)


surah 89 - verse 1

translator's name verse
Arberry By the dawn
Maududi By the dawn,
Pickthall By the Dawn
Sahih By the dawn
Yusuf Ali By the break of Day


surah 89 - verse 2

translator's name verse
Arberry and ten nights,
Maududi and the ten nights,
Pickthall And ten nights,
Sahih And [by] ten nights
Yusuf Ali By the Nights twice five;


surah 89 - verse 3

translator's name verse
Arberry by the even and the odd,
Maududi and the even and the odd,
Pickthall And the Even and the Odd,
Sahih And [by] the even [number] and the odd
Yusuf Ali By the even and odd (contrasted);


surah 89 - verse 4

translator's name verse
Arberry by the night when it journeys on!
Maududi and by the night when it departs.
Pickthall And the night when it departeth,
Sahih And [by] the night when it passes,
Yusuf Ali And by the Night when it passeth away;-


surah 89 - verse 5

translator's name verse
Arberry Is there in that an oath for a mindful man?
Maududi Is there in this an oath for one endowed with understanding?
Pickthall There surely is an oath for thinking man.
Sahih Is there [not] in [all] that an oath [sufficient] for one of perception?
Yusuf Ali Is there (not) in these an adjuration (or evidence) for those who understand?


surah 89 - verse 6

translator's name verse
Arberry Hast thou not seen how thy Lord did with Ad,
Maududi Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with Ad
Pickthall Dost thou not consider how thy Lord dealt with (the tribe of) A'ad,
Sahih Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with 'Aad -
Yusuf Ali Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the 'Ad (people),-


surah 89 - verse 7

translator's name verse
Arberry Iram of the pillars,
Maududi of Iram, known for their lofty columns,
Pickthall With many-columned Iram,
Sahih [With] Iram - who had lofty pillars,
Yusuf Ali Of the (city of) Iram, with lofty pillars,


surah 89 - verse 8

translator's name verse
Arberry the like of which was never created in the land,
Maududi the like of whom no nation was ever created in the lands of the world?
Pickthall The like of which was not created in the lands;
Sahih The likes of whom had never been created in the land?
Yusuf Ali The like of which were not produced in (all) the land?


surah 89 - verse 9

translator's name verse
Arberry and Thamood, who hollowed the rocks in the valley,
Maududi And how did He deal with Thamud who hewed out rocks in the valley?
Pickthall And with (the tribe of) Thamud, who clove the rocks in the valley;
Sahih And [with] Thamud, who carved out the rocks in the valley?
Yusuf Ali And with the Thamud (people), who cut out (huge) rocks in the valley?-


surah 89 - verse 10

translator's name verse
Arberry and Pharaoh, he of the tent-pegs,
Maududi And with Pharaoh of the tent pegs
Pickthall And with Pharaoh, firm of might,
Sahih And [with] Pharaoh, owner of the stakes? -
Yusuf Ali And with Pharaoh, lord of stakes?


surah 89 - verse 11

translator's name verse
Arberry who all were insolent in the land
Maududi who transgressed in the countries of the world
Pickthall Who (all) were rebellious (to Allah) in these lands,
Sahih [All of] whom oppressed within the lands
Yusuf Ali (All) these transgressed beyond bounds in the lands,


surah 89 - verse 12

translator's name verse
Arberry and worked much corruption therein?
Maududi spreading in them much corruption?
Pickthall And multiplied iniquity therein?
Sahih And increased therein the corruption.
Yusuf Ali And heaped therein mischief (on mischief).


surah 89 - verse 13

translator's name verse
Arberry Thy Lord unloosed on them a scourge of chastisement;
Maududi Then their Lord unloosed upon them the lash of chastisement.
Pickthall Therefore thy Lord poured on them the disaster of His punishment.
Sahih So your Lord poured upon them a scourge of punishment.
Yusuf Ali Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements:


surah 89 - verse 14

translator's name verse
Arberry surely thy Lord is ever on the watch.
Maududi Truly your Lord is ever watchful.
Pickthall Lo! thy Lord is ever watchful.
Sahih Indeed, your Lord is in observation.
Yusuf Ali For thy Lord is (as a Guardian) on a watch-tower.


surah 89 - verse 15

translator's name verse
Arberry As for man, whenever his Lord tries him, and honours him, and blesses him, then he says, 'My Lord has honoured me.'
Maududi As for man, when his Lord tests him by exalting him and bestowing His bounties upon him, he says: “My Lord has exalted me.”
Pickthall As for man, whenever his Lord trieth him by honouring him, and is gracious unto him, he saith: My Lord honoureth me.
Sahih And as for man, when his Lord tries him and [thus] is generous to him and favors him, he says, "My Lord has honored me."
Yusuf Ali Now, as for man, when his Lord trieth him, giving him honour and gifts, then saith he, (puffed up), "My Lord hath honoured me."


surah 89 - verse 16

translator's name verse
Arberry But when he tries him and stints for him his provision, then he says, 'My Lord has despised me.'
Maududi But when He tests him by straitening his sustenance, he says: “My Lord has humiliated me.”
Pickthall But whenever He trieth him by straitening his means of life, he saith: My Lord despiseth me.
Sahih But when He tries him and restricts his provision, he says, "My Lord has humiliated me."
Yusuf Ali But when He trieth him, restricting his subsistence for him, then saith he (in despair), "My Lord hath humiliated me!"


surah 89 - verse 17

translator's name verse
Arberry No indeed; but you honour not the orphan,
Maududi But no; you do not treat the orphan honourably,
Pickthall Nay, but ye (for your part) honour not the orphan
Sahih No! But you do not honor the orphan
Yusuf Ali Nay, nay! but ye honour not the orphans!


surah 89 - verse 18

translator's name verse
Arberry and you urge not the feeding of the needy,
Maududi and do not urge one another to feed the poor,
Pickthall And urge not on the feeding of the poor.
Sahih And you do not encourage one another to feed the poor.
Yusuf Ali Nor do ye encourage one another to feed the poor!-


surah 89 - verse 19

translator's name verse
Arberry and you devour the inheritance greedily,
Maududi and greedily devour the entire inheritance,
Pickthall And ye devour heritages with devouring greed.
Sahih And you consume inheritance, devouring [it] altogether,
Yusuf Ali And ye devour inheritance - all with greed,


surah 89 - verse 20

translator's name verse
Arberry and you love wealth with an ardent love
Maududi and love the riches, loving them ardently.
Pickthall And love wealth with abounding love.
Sahih And you love wealth with immense love.
Yusuf Ali And ye love wealth with inordinate love!