Chapter 88

Surah Al Ghashiya (The Overwhelming Event)


surah 88 - verse 1

translator's name verse
Arberry Hast thou received the story of the Enveloper?
Maududi Has the news of the overwhelming event reached you?
Pickthall Hath there come unto thee tidings of the Overwhelming?
Sahih Has there reached you the report of the Overwhelming [event]?
Yusuf Ali Has the story reached thee of the overwhelming (Event)?


surah 88 - verse 2

translator's name verse
Arberry Faces on that day humbled,
Maududi Some faces that Day shall be downcast with fear,
Pickthall On that day (many) faces will be downcast,
Sahih [Some] faces, that Day, will be humbled,
Yusuf Ali Some faces, that Day, will be humiliated,


surah 88 - verse 3

translator's name verse
Arberry labouring, toilworn,
Maududi be toiling and worn-out;
Pickthall Toiling, weary,
Sahih Working [hard] and exhausted.
Yusuf Ali Labouring (hard), weary,-


surah 88 - verse 4

translator's name verse
Arberry roasting at a scorching fire,
Maududi they shall burn in a Scorching Fire;
Pickthall Scorched by burning fire,
Sahih They will [enter to] burn in an intensely hot Fire.
Yusuf Ali The while they enter the Blazing Fire,-


surah 88 - verse 5

translator's name verse
Arberry watered at a boiling fountain,
Maududi their drink shall be from a boiling spring.
Pickthall Drinking from a boiling spring,
Sahih They will be given drink from a boiling spring.
Yusuf Ali The while they are given, to drink, of a boiling hot spring,


surah 88 - verse 6

translator's name verse
Arberry no food for them but cactus thorn
Maududi They shall have no food except bitter dry thorns
Pickthall No food for them save bitter thorn-fruit
Sahih For them there will be no food except from a poisonous, thorny plant
Yusuf Ali No food will there be for them but a bitter Dhari'


surah 88 - verse 7

translator's name verse
Arberry unfattening, unappeasing hunger.
Maududi that will neither nourish nor satisfy their hunger.
Pickthall Which doth not nourish nor release from hunger.
Sahih Which neither nourishes nor avails against hunger.
Yusuf Ali Which will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger.


surah 88 - verse 8

translator's name verse
Arberry Faces on that day jocund,
Maududi On that very Day some faces shall be radiant with joy,
Pickthall In that day other faces will be calm,
Sahih [Other] faces, that Day, will show pleasure.
Yusuf Ali (Other) faces that Day will be joyful,


surah 88 - verse 9

translator's name verse
Arberry with their striving well-pleased,
Maududi well-pleased with their striving.
Pickthall Glad for their effort past,
Sahih With their effort [they are] satisfied
Yusuf Ali Pleased with their striving,-


surah 88 - verse 10

translator's name verse
Arberry in a sublime Garden,
Maududi They will be in a lofty Garden
Pickthall In a high Garden
Sahih In an elevated garden,
Yusuf Ali In a Garden on high,


surah 88 - verse 11

translator's name verse
Arberry hearing there no babble;
Maududi wherein they shall hear no vain talk.
Pickthall Where they hear no idle speech,
Sahih Wherein they will hear no unsuitable speech.
Yusuf Ali Where they shall hear no (word) of vanity:


surah 88 - verse 12

translator's name verse
Arberry therein a running fountain,
Maududi In it there shall be a flowing spring,
Pickthall Wherein is a gushing spring,
Sahih Within it is a flowing spring.
Yusuf Ali Therein will be a bubbling spring:


surah 88 - verse 13

translator's name verse
Arberry therein uplifted couches
Maududi and couches raised high,
Pickthall Wherein are couches raised
Sahih Within it are couches raised high
Yusuf Ali Therein will be Thrones (of dignity), raised on high,


surah 88 - verse 14

translator's name verse
Arberry and goblets set forth
Maududi and goblets laid out,
Pickthall And goblets set at hand
Sahih And cups put in place
Yusuf Ali Goblets placed (ready),


surah 88 - verse 15

translator's name verse
Arberry and cushions arrayed
Maududi and cushions arrayed in rows,
Pickthall And cushions ranged
Sahih And cushions lined up
Yusuf Ali And cushions set in rows,


surah 88 - verse 16

translator's name verse
Arberry and carpets outspread.
Maududi and rich carpets levelled out.
Pickthall And silken carpets spread.
Sahih And carpets spread around.
Yusuf Ali And rich carpets (all) spread out.


surah 88 - verse 17

translator's name verse
Arberry What, do they not consider how the camel was created,
Maududi Do (these unbelievers) not observe the camels: how they were created?
Pickthall Will they not regard the camels, how they are created?
Sahih Then do they not look at the camels - how they are created?
Yusuf Ali Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made?-


surah 88 - verse 18

translator's name verse
Arberry how heaven was lifted up,
Maududi And the sky: how it was raised high?
Pickthall And the heaven, how it is raised?
Sahih And at the sky - how it is raised?
Yusuf Ali And at the Sky, how it is raised high?-


surah 88 - verse 19

translator's name verse
Arberry how the mountains were hoisted,
Maududi And the mountains: how they were fixed?
Pickthall And the hills, how they are set up?
Sahih And at the mountains - how they are erected?
Yusuf Ali And at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm?-


surah 88 - verse 20

translator's name verse
Arberry how the earth was outstretched?
Maududi And the earth: how it was spread out?
Pickthall And the earth, how it is spread?
Sahih And at the earth - how it is spread out?
Yusuf Ali And at the Earth, how it is spread out?