Narrated by Zaid bin Arqam We went out with the Prophet : on a journey and the people suffered from lack of provisions. So 'Abdullah bin Ubai said to his companions, "Don't spend on those who are with Allah's Apostle, that they may disperse and go away from him." He also said, "If we return to Medina, surely, the more honorable will expel therefrom the meaner. So I went to the Prophet and informed him of that. He sent for 'Abdullah bin Ubai and asked him, but 'Abdullah bin Ubai swore that he did not say so. The people said, "Zaid told a lie to 'Allah's Apostle." What they said distressed me very much. Later Allah revealed the confirmation of my statement in his saying: '(When the hypocrites come to you.' (63.1) So the Prophet called them that they might ask Allah to forgive them, but they turned their heads aside. (Concerning Allah's saying: 'Pieces of wood propped up,' Zaid said; They were the most handsome men.)