The core texts of Islam

Here you will find the collections of the most authoritative accounts of what the founder of Islam supposedly said and did. These actions and pronouncements serve as the detailed basis for how Muslims are to lead their lives, as followers of the example set by Mohammed in these texts.


Commentaries on the chapters and verses of the Koran. These commentaries range from the time of classical Islam to the modern day, and are commentaries made by Muslims acknowledged by the Ummah (the international community of Muslims) to be expert commentaries.


Here we provide accounts of the life of Mohammed. The history of Mohammed's rise to power as a warlord and murderer are kept concealed from the populations of the Western world. In this way, in the absence of any information about the founder of Islam, most people will simply fill in the lack of information with assumptions that the founder of "the Religion of Peace" was someone like Jesus or Buddha. That is why Muslims do not want cartoons or movies about Mohamed -- they know that anything that was remotely accurate would warn the Kuffar of the West concerning their eternal subjugation under Islam.