Narrated by Aslam While Allah's Apostle was proceeding at night during one of his journeys and 'Umar bin Al-Khattab was traveling beside him, 'Umar asked him about something but Allah's Apostle did not reply. He asked again, but he did not reply, and then he asked (for the third time) but he did not reply. On that, 'Umar bin Al-Khattab said to himself, "Thakilat Ummu 'Umar (May 'Umar's mother lose her son)! I asked Allah's Apostle three times but he did not reply." 'Umar then said, "I made my camel run faster and went ahead of the people, and I was afraid that some Qur'anic Verses might be revealed about me. But before getting involved in any other matter. I heard somebody calling me. I said to myself, 'I fear that some Qur'anic Verses have been revealed about me,' and so I went to Allah's Apostle and greeted him. He (Allah's Apostle ) said, 'Tonight a Sura has been revealed to me, and it is dearer to me than that on which the sun rises (i.e. the world)' Then he recited: "Verily, We have given you a manifest victory." (48.1)