Narrated Abu Musa: My Companions sent me to Allah's Apostle to ask him for some animals to ride on as they were accompanying him in the army of Al-Usra, and that was the Ghazwa (Battle) of Tabuk, I said, "O Allah's Prophet! My companions have sent me to you to provide them with means of transportation." He said, "By Allah! I will not make you ride anything." It happened that when I reached him, he was in an angry mood, and I didn't notice it. So I returned in a sad mood because of the refusal the Prophet and for the fear that the Prophet might have become 'angry with me. So I returned to my companions and informed them of what the Prophet had said. Only a short while had passed when I heard Bilal calling, "O 'Abdullah bin Qais!" I replied to his call. Bilal said, "Respond to Allah's Apostle who is calling you." When I went to him (i.e. the Prophet), he said, "Take these two camels tied together and also these two camels tied together,"' referring to six camels he had brought them from Sad at that time. The Prophet added, "Take them to your companions and say, 'Allah (or Allah's Apostle ) allows you to ride on these,' so ride on them." So I took those camels to them and said, "The Prophet allows you to ride on these (camels) but by Allah, I will not leave you till some of you proceed with me to somebody who heard the statement of Allah's Apostle. Do not think that I narrate to you a thing which Allah's Apostle has not said." They said to me, "We consider you truthful, and we will do what you like." The sub-narrator added: So Abu Musa proceeded along with some of them till they came to those who have heard the statement of Allah's Apostle wherein he denied them (some animals to ride on) and (his statement) whereby he gave them the same. So these people told them the same information as Abu Musa had told them.