Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: That he fought in a Ghazwa towards Najd along with Allah's Apostle and when Allah's Apostle returned, he too, returned along with him. The time of the afternoon nap overtook them when they were in a valley full of thorny trees. Allah's Apostle dismounted and the people dispersed amongst the thorny trees, seeking the shade of the trees. Allah's Apostle took shelter under a Samura tree and hung his sword on it. We slept for a while when Allah's Apostle suddenly called us, and we went to him, to find a bedouin sitting with him. Allah's Apostle said, "This (bedouin) took my sword out of its sheath while I was asleep. When I woke up, the naked sword was in his hand and he said to me, 'Who can save you from me?, I replied, 'Allah.' Now here he is sitting." Allah's Apostle did not punish him (for that). Through another group of narrators, Jabir said, "We were in the company of the Prophet (during the battle of) Dhat-ur-Riqa', and we came across a shady tree and we left it for the Prophet (to take rest under its shade). A man from the pagans came while the Prophet's sword was hanging on the tree. He took it out of its sheath secretly and said (to the Prophet ), 'Are you afraid of me?' The Prophet said, 'No.' He said, 'Who can save you from me?' The Prophet said, Allah.' The companions of the Prophet threatened him, then the Iqama for the prayer was announced and the Prophet offered a two Rakat Fear prayer with one of the two batches, and that batch went aside and he offered two Rak'a-t with the other batch. So the Prophet offered four Rakat but the people offered two Rakat only." (The sub-narrator) Abu Bishr added, "The man was Ghaurath bin Al-Harith and the battle was waged against Muharib Khasafa." Jabir added, "We were with the Prophet at Nakhl and he offered the Fear prayer." Abu Huraira said, "I offered the Fear prayer with the Prophet during the Ghazwa (i.e. the battle) of Najd." Abu Huraira came to the Prophet during the day of Khaibar.