Narrated Asim Al-Ahwal: I asked Anas bin Malik regarding Al-Qunut during the prayer. Anas replied, "Yes (Al-Qunut was said by the Prophet in the prayer)." I said, "Is it before Bowing or after Bowing?" Anas replied, "(It was said) before (Bowing)." I said, "So-and-so informed me that you told him that it was said after Bowing." Anas replied, "He was mistaken, for Allah's Apostle said Al-Qunut after Bowing for one month. The Prophet had sent some people called Al-Qurra who were seventy in number, to some pagan people who had concluded a peace treaty with Allah's Apostle . But those who had concluded the treaty with Allah's Apostle violated the treaty (and martyred all the seventy men). So Allah's Apostle said Al-Qunut after Bowing (in the prayer) for one month, invoking evil upon them.