Reviews of Mohammed's Koran

From around the world, some of the hundreds of 5 star reviews Mohammed's Koran received in the first few months following publication.  Each review comes from someone who bought the book.  If you are skeptical of any review, a URL is provided at the end of each review, so you can verify each review.

Nothing but facts...

The people who just label Tommy Robinson a "racist" should really read this and try and find any errors relating to the content of the Quran. There is nothing but pure facts in this book. And to those that say most Muslims don't agree with the violence of the Quran - I agree - but a worryingly large minority DO!!!! Excellent book, and the fact that the establishment is trying to ban it just makes it all the better - and proves that the authors are doing the right thing.

A vitally important book

While there are some errors in regards to abrogated verses... e.g. saying that verse 9:60 is abrogated by verse 6:63, an earlier verse... the fact that this Qur'an is put into reverse chronological order trumps any of these errors. It is vitally important that non-Muslims understand Abrogation(naskh) as it pertains to the Quran. Verses that were revealed chronologically later, abrogate, or nullify and replace, any earlier verse that is contradictory. In other words, all peaceful verses of the Qur'an have been nullified, and replaced by the verses commanding violence against non-Muslims, and the ultimate genocide of all non-Muslims. The chapters of the Qur'an have been deliberately mis-arranged by Muslims in an effort to encrypt the Qur'an, in order to prevent non-Muslims from understanding the danger that Islam presents to all non-Muslims. By placing the chapters of the Qur'an into reverse chronological order, non-Muslims can clearly and easily see which verses of the Qur'an are valid, and which are null and void without having to consult abrogation charts or shuffle though the deliberately encrypted Qur'an. The valid chapters of the Quran are presented first and the invalid chapters are presented later. The vital importance of this book trumps any flaws that it may have. We non-Muslims can no longer afford to remain ignorant of Islam, and this book goes a long way towards educating non-Muslims about the true nature of Islam.

Very informative and well researched...

This contains the information that academics and politicians know about but say nothing, as for some reason they do not want to talk about this topic. As Tommy Robinson says in his Twitter account, the politicians of previous decades DID talk about it, but that was before political correctness removed free speech.