Islam: Not what the Western media/gov. is telling you

Everybody who believes the government/media garbage about Islam being a 'religion of peace' needs to read this book. The authors break down the Koran, to show how Mohammed, started out as just a preacher, with few followers. He then switched his rhetoric to one of any follower to kill or otherwise subdued a non-believer. He did this by telling his Jihadis they could keep the majority of any assets of the subdued victim. This, of course, appealled to the greed factor. There was Incentive now, you understand. The wording in the Koran was changed from mundane to blood thirsty. And it just kept going, and is still going, now. Thanks, mainly to Western governments and media deliberately pushing the propaganda that to not like Islam makes one a racist. The whole reason for being with Islam is to subdue anyone who will not submit to Islam.