surah 6 - verse 47

translator's name verse
Arberry Say: 'What think you? If God's chastisement comes upon you, suddenly or openly, shall any be destroyed, except the people of the evildoers?'
Maududi Say: 'If the chastisement of Allah were to overtake you unawares or openly shall any except the wrong-doing people be destroyed?'
Pickthall Say: Can ye see yourselves, if the punishment of Allah come upon you unawares or openly? Would any perish save wrongdoing folk?
Sahih Say, "Have you considered: if the punishment of Allah should come to you unexpectedly or manifestly, will any be destroyed but the wrongdoing people?"
Yusuf Ali Say: "Think ye, if the punishment of Allah comes to you, whether suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed except those who do wrong?
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