Chapter 108

Surah Al Kauthar (The Abundance)


surah 108 - verse 1

translator's name verse
Arberry Surely We have given thee abundance;
Maududi (O Prophet), We have surely bestowed upon you good in abundance.
Pickthall Lo! We have given thee Abundance;
Sahih Indeed, We have granted you, [O Muhammad], al-Kawthar.
Yusuf Ali To thee have We granted the Fount (of Abundance).


surah 108 - verse 2

translator's name verse
Arberry so pray unto thy Lord and sacrifice.
Maududi So offer Prayer and sacrifice to your Lord alone.
Pickthall So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice.
Sahih So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone].
Yusuf Ali Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice.


surah 108 - verse 3

translator's name verse
Arberry Surely he that hates thee, he is the one cut off.
Maududi Verily your enemy alone has been cut off from the roots.
Pickthall Lo! it is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity.
Sahih Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off.
Yusuf Ali For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off (from Future Hope).